Comparing team signatures

Visualize 2014 NBA playoff series through team signatures

Viraj Sanghvi • April 19, 2014
Photo: melling2293

In Team signatures, I introduced a tool to visualize a team at a glance, and I recently added the ability to compare a team to another team, just in the nick of time for the start of the NBA playoffs.

In that vein, here is a team signature comparison of every matchup in the playoffs:

San Antonio vs Dallas

Surprising similarly potent offensives with a slight Spurs edge on defense. 2014 Playoffs SAS vs DAL

Houston vs Portland

Two teams that are evening matched on the advanced stats side. Although most are expecting Houston to run away with this, Portland does play safer, and they might be able to use that to extend the series. 2014 Playoffs HOU vs POR

LA Clippers vs Golden State

While the Warriors have the edge at the three point line, they're just a lessor version of these Clippers. 2014 Playoffs LAC vs GSW

Oklahoma City vs Memphis

Although Memphis should compete in this series, you get the feeling OKC will struggle, but come out on top. 2014 Playoffs OKC vs MEM

Indiana vs Atlanta

Decent offense vs good defense. Given Indiana's recent struggles and the disparity between the teams, I wouldn't be surprised if this goes to six. 2014 Playoffs IND vs ATL

Chicago vs Washington

This one is hard for me to see. Offense vs defense, the addition of Nene to a solid Washington team might lift their defense enough to overpower a solid Chicago offense. 2014 Playoffs CHI vs WAS

Toronto vs Brooklyn

While most are picking Brooklyn, they appear to be evenly match while Toronto seems to have the edge on youth and offense. Considering Brooklyn's season is more a stecond half story, it wouldn't be surprising if this isn't a good reflection of these two teams. 2014 Playoffs TOR vs BKN

Miami vs Charlotte

Charlotte won't really have much of a chance in this one. 2014 Playoffs MIA vs CHA