Model Projections for 2014 Draftees

Jesse Fischer • June 22, 2014

Here is a draft board for 2014 draftees showing various expert rankings and mock draft projections alongside predictions from the more successful models from my last post.

2014 NBA Draft Board


  • The draft expert rankings (left side) were updated from 6/22/14
  • The model rankings (right side) do not include high school and international players so the numbers themselves aren't comparable directly to the experts rankings
  • avgrank is the average of the various expert ranks (of the ranks which had the player listed)
  • college avgrank is the same as avgrank but only for college players - this number is comparable to the models rankings on the right
  • The table is sorted by SMO which was the strongest indicator from my research in last post
  • The player comparisons have a lot of repeated names and they don’t have good representation of older players - that is because the older players are missing advanced/combine stats and don't’ look “similar” to the algorithm. I am going to try to update this in the future to do comparisons only on the data which I have for older players as well.

Next up: 2014 predictions